Enlightening and a great format that doesn’t get boring. Daniel Finlay (Training)

Companies too often complicate sales processes.

They give their salespeople so much information, so much direction, so many rules, guidelines and reminders that their minds become cluttered and unfocused, leaving them without clear direction. Such a lack of clarity can be expensive. It can result in reduced selling time as the sales team cope with information and management overload. It often leads to sales messages becoming too long: ‘Let’s tell them everything I’ve been told’ which only leads to the most important messages being lost. Fewer sales calls. Lower conversion rates.

A clear, simple structure to sales conversations is essential. It helps salespeople know where they are going in the call and ensures a high degree of consistency across all conversations. This element is particularly important for telesales roles, where many calls are made each day and consistency of quality is rare.

Within our training programmes, we give all salespeople our EASY 4-point structure. We then provide simple, effective and practical ways to perform each of these 4 steps outstandingly well, first through teaching the basics then helping them to embed the new habits. We then move them onto advanced stages of excellence through regular interactions and new ideas.

Our job is to give them the motivation to improve along with the structure to do it consistently well. Their job is to practise each idea, to work within the structure and then to choose which sales technique to use with which client at which time.

Simple steps to consistent success and, with it, increased confidence.

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Really informative and very useful to our job role. Gives ability to show authority on the phone. Thanks! Freddie Biss (Training)