Very highly recommend. Great content and the sales structure, in places, is brilliant. Massimo Manni (Training)

“What happens if we train our salespeople and they leave?” asks Finance Director.

“What happens if we don’t and they stay?” replies Sales Director.

 Training is about helping people be the very best they can be. Not everyone will reach the same level but our job as leaders to help them be able to say, “This is the best version of me!” Your work will have helped them to get there and training will have played its part.

The best way to find out how we can help is to call us on 020 3859 2000. In advance, check if our training beliefs match yours by reading our principles.

1. Learn then do
A full day of classroom lectures is not the way to improve performance. Training must be interactive. With each new skill or idea introduced, people need time to digest and then to put them into practice.

2. Small changes
We look for small changes that can make big differences. They’re easier to make and therefore more likely to be implemented. And you don’t lose the personality of your salespeople.

3. It ain’t what you know but what you do
As our MD, Paul Owen, says, “I know how to be as fit as on Olympic athlete. There is no knowledge lacking. As is quite clear, I don’t do it.” Training changes what you do, not necessarily what you know.

4. Tailored, relevant and dynamic
Our training is tailored to the needs of each team and most programmes change as we get to know the team. Training is just like selling: have a plan but change according to the needs of your client!

5. One gym session never makes you fit
A professional practices more than they play and an amateur plays more than they practise. A long-term programme with direction, dynamism and consolidation is the best route to sustained results.

We love working with sales teams – give us a call to find out more: 020 3859 2000.

Interesting, informative, interactive. No loss of interest over 4 days. Great content. Nick Didone (Training)