Rich Dad Poor Dad says: “Most important skills are…” - 15th August 2016

For those unfamiliar with Rich Dad Poor Dad, the world’s no.1 best-selling personal finance book, its author Robert T. Kiyosaki identifies two particular life and business skills that he regards as the most important. And, no, neither involves finance!

Go on, have a guess before you read the rest of the quotation from his book….


“The most important specialized skills are sales and marketing.”

A book that has taught millions of people across the world to better understand finance does not list accounting, numeracy or any other obvious mathematical skill as the most important (of course, he makes clear that a clear understanding of numbers is essential too but it’s not the MOST important).

The next sentence is his book – yes, I’ve just read it on holiday! – goes further and was music to our ears at Sales Talent.

“The ability to sell – to communicate to another human being, be it a customer, employee, boss, spouse or child – is the base skill of personal success.”

We’ve spent the last few years travelling around the UK with our Let’s get Britain selling!© programme, introducing people to (or reminding them of) this fact. We’re all in sales. Or, rather, a huge proportion of our success in life, not just in business, is down to our ability to communicate effectively, whether that’s selling a product well or negotiating a pay rise or even a new bed-time with our kids.

My forthcoming book on sales – yes, I promise it will be available soon! – starts with the premise that we are doing a disservice to ourselves and the next generation of employees and entrepreneurs by ignoring the universal importance of this skill. I thank Robert not just for a great book but also for reminding me of why I’m writing my book.

Let’s introduce people to selling as it should be. Successful, yes, and ethical too. Then let’s teach people how to do it properly.

I’ll be contacting Robert Kiyosaki direct to ask for his support and our call for help goes out to all sales professionals (whatever your job title!).

Let’s teach people about sales in the same way that Kiyosaki has taught them about finance.


To buy the book yourself – and access a whole range of other resources – visit Robert’s website: