Excellent approach to basic presenting styles and understanding the end goals first. Jonathan Wright (Training)

“The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” George Jessel

How do the best presenters appear so relaxed and confident?

Why do some presentations hit home and stay in your memory whilst others disappear before they’ve even finished talking?

How does anyone find the time to practise presentations when there is so much else to do?

Making presentations that are clear, concise and compelling remains one of the biggest challenges in business. We can help you, whether you’re a beginner or old hand looking for some fresh impetus.

The problem often starts immediately with your objective: “I must not mess it up and look an idiot. How can I do that?” Or maybe it’s another classic wrong first turn: “What is all the information I need to share with my audience?” Or ‘Where’s that PowerPoint that Cheryl used? I’ll copy that.”

You must first start in the right place: “How do I want my audience to feel at the end of my presentation?” Everything comes from the answer to that question.

If you already know us through our sales training, you won’t be surprised that we believe a structured presentation almost always works better than one that meanders (unless you are absolutely brilliant – if so, why are you reading this?!). Structure doesn’t inhibit you, it liberates you to do what you need to do – read the audience and interact with them.

Our simple and powerful equation for presentation is:


We will help you present comfortably, confidently and compellingly. Our training will also massively reduce the amount of time you spend preparing and practising for each presentation or pitch.

Give it a go – you’ll probably be surprised by the simple steps to better presentations and pitches.

You can find us on 020 3859 2000 or training@salestalentuk.com.

100% worth it. You are always learning. The time with Paul will improve the team’s sales ability (with consistent practice). 10/10, spot on and will take so much from the two days – 100% engaged!!  Natalie Windsor (Training)