We were sceptical about using sales recruitment firms to “sell us a sales person”! They sent one candidate. We employed him and we’re delighted. Professional, diligent, dynamic. I highly recommend them. Dr Aarti Anhal, 4C Strategies (Client)

Whether you are or want to become a better lawyer, teacher, builder, accountant, driving instructor, personal trainer or even politician, you will need to help people make buying decisions and your ability to present a coherent and compelling case dictates the success you’ll enjoy in doing that.

“We’re all in sales now!” wrote the American author and speaker, Dan Pink, in his book ‘To sell is human’. You might not call it sales (for all sorts of reasons) but you probably accept the fact that you need to influence and persuade people, internally and externally, in your daily life.

We work with non-sales people to help them learn sales skills to exert their influence and help buyers / colleagues / managers / investors make decisions.

We’ve worked with all the above professions except one (yes, you’ve guessed it: politicians!) and many more. We’ve also worked with many start-ups with great ideas but not yet the skills to take them to market.

We make the training non-salesy but 100% focused on persuasion and how it moves things forward for both you and, very importantly, the person or people you want to persuade. All done ethically in case you’re wondering!

To find how we do it and how it’s helped others like you, give us a call now on 020 3859 2000 or click here to contact us.

Very professional and efficient service. I really felt special and not just another person or number. Help along the way is always a comfort in entering a new chapter in your working life. Thank you! Alyce Peatling (Candidate)