Tough Times? Think Market Share

Computer showing market share

In recent weeks, I’ve been putting together training to help clients and their teams through these very different times; for some, it’s a hugely challenging time whilst, for others, it’s a time of opportunity – much of it depends on your market sector, of course.

However, whichever sector we work in, all we can really do is to win market share. That’s true in times of plenty as well as more difficult times but, in the latter, we often lose sight of that simple truth.

To win more market share in unusual times, teams often have to realign their goals, refocus their energies and reboot their motivation. Though the current climate is even more extreme, I did lots of work in the tech sector during the credit crunch and it was all about keeping motivated by realising that all you can do is win the attention of the market and increase your percentage share of it. You can’t control when the market comes back but, when it does (and it’s when not if), you’ll have more contacts, a heightened awareness in the market and you’ll be best placed to win the same percentage (possibly more) in a much bigger market. In the meantime (ie. now), a training boost can give salespeople their mojo back so they’ll win more business in the near future too.

Of course, I’d be delighted to speak to anyone who’s interested in how we can help your salespeople right now. But, whether you speak to us or another sales training expert or whether you’d prefer to do it in-house, don’t just leave your sales team to ‘get on with it’. Give them some support right now – it will get you through these tough times and put you in a MUCH BETTER position on the other side.

Take the right steps now to give your sales teams the motivation, purpose and energy that will help immediately and sustain them into the New Year. Best wishes and here’s to renewed sales vigour!