Sorry, sir, you’re too pretty for this job…

By Jack Milligan, Junior Marketing Executive

Large bodies of research over many years have concluded that handsome men are often seen as more competent and are therefore given better opportunities in the workplace. However, new research out this week challenges this.

Scientists have now shown that in crucial respects the ‘lookers’ out there are not always getting the job. I don’t know is this is good news or bad! But it’s interesting.

If the Brad Pitts and David Beckhams of the business world are being recruited for a role in which they may one day compete against the person hiring them, then those good looks may in fact backfire as (male) hiring managers can perceive them as a threat. “It’s not always an advantage being pretty,” says Marko Pitesa, Professor of Management at the University of Maryland.

So if you didn’t end up getting that dream job you applied for, don’t be too disheartened. It may just be that you were too attractive. There are definitely worse reasons for not getting a job!.