I wanted a better sales team who would need less of my time and turned to Paul Owen of Sales Talent for help. At the end of his time with us, I’m only needed one day a month; my teams are the best we’ve had with repeatable, scalable processes and sales structures that allow them to be consistently successful and give us the templates to train new starters. It was the best investment we made in the past year! SB, Business Owner
Seriously eye-opening. Light and inspiring. Highly recommend. Calum Byrne
Thanks for everything. I found the 4 days extremely useful. I believe I walked out with all the tools to become a better salesperson. It's changed the way I look at things. Joshua Elliott
Interesting, informative, interactive. No loss of interest over 4 days. Great content. Nick Didone
Excellent training. Well-tailored and effectively delivered. Worth more than you will pay. Liam McAllister Byrne
Intense (in a good way!), excellent and well worth it. Very engaging from start to finish. I got a lot out of it. Cathal Finnerty
Very engaging and the techniques will help us add more value to how we all sell. Very happy and excited to implement the changes. Stephanie Cowles
Very knowledgeable – relevant training to the industry and interactive. Josh Harris
Really informative and very useful to our job role. Gives ability to show authority on the phone. Thanks! Freddie Biss
Very highly recommend. Great content and the sales structure, in places, is brilliant. Massimo Manni
Brilliant. Great training – great at keeping us motivated. Shannon Henley
Very enjoyable and interesting method of training, provides lots to think about. Excellent! Madie Brunt
Well structured, good content, highly recommended for anyone involved in presentations. Nigel Chilcott
Helpful and effective, even to experienced salespeople, without being patronising or time–consuming. Jamie Faulkner
Insightful, new way of training your brain to better affect your work, personal and social life. Bruce Bavin
A tailored training session to coach new and experienced sales people how to improve their skills. Lizzie Shand
Like watching a film I know with the deleted scenes, it makes you look at the whole thing in a different light. Peter Bristow
Took a lot of key information and have realised that it is the little things that make the biggest difference – key! Jonathan Winton
Educational and inspiring. Good solid sales training principles delivered enthusiastically. Paul Watson
Great fun, really good, learned a lot that will be valuable in many different ways in the future. Tash Courtenay–Smith
Excellent practical training session that is relevant to delivering presentations. Mark Greening
Excellent approach to basic presenting styles and understanding the end goals first. Jonathan Wright
Enlightening and a great format that doesn’t get boring. Daniel Finlay
Really helpful. Inspired me to improve skills and confident that I can. Excellent. (Presentation Skills Training) Maria Bull
Informative. Fun and thought-provoking. Would highly recommend. (Presentation Skills Training) Anthony Doyle
Excellent. Very thorough, patient and confidence-building. Thank you! (Presentation Skills Training) Sarah Edwards
Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyable. Learnt a lot of new skills. Paul Betts
Exciting, educational and motivating. Loved the stories, quotes and extras Paul added to the session. A very personal touch. Annie Qadeer
Great training today. Makes stuff I already knew much clearer. Gave me tools to use them in an easy and constructive manner. Really enjoyed it. Lucy Costerton
Really good. Habits are easy to fall into so good to get constructive criticism. An eye-opener. Fantastic, thank you! Charlotte Cook
Entertaining, informative and good fun. Wish I had this at my old firm. Aaron Dodds
Fun. Informative. Friendly. The ability to implement instantly helped remove the bad habits adopted. Excellent. Rob Rowland
I found the session truly engaging, making me think. Can't wait to put these tips into action. Brilliant session. William Goode
We dissected the best way to conduct our calls. Added value to clients, ourselves and our company. Excellent! Kate Oliver
Excellent. Opened my mind to new ideas and sales techniques. Thought-provoking! James Cobern
100% worth it. You are always learning. The time with Paul will improve the team’s sales ability (with consistent practice). 10/10, spot on and will take so much from the two days – 100% engaged!!  Natalie Windsor
A great insight into how to really make the most out of a sales call. It’s not just pick up and talk! Sarah Steward
Very worthwhile and I felt far more confident coming back to work as I have recapped skills to put into practice now. Cheri-Lin Johnson
A very useful day. I will certainly implement the changes suggested. I would highly recommend this to others. Josh Hawker
Thank you. Really enjoyed the whole day and I’m looking forward to the follow-up! Jonathan Oakley
The sort of training I’ve been waiting for, for too long! An excellent guide on how to know your weaknesses and learn how to improve them. Maria Blascoe
Eye opening, fast-paced and gave me several new ways to work. Stuart Pearce
Excellent - the best sales trainer I have experienced. Sam Shard
Informative, engaging and inspiring. The perfect way to launch yourself into a successful career in sales. Rob Binns
Very good, it opens up your mind to new techniques and helps you realise the psychology of sales more. Thanks, it has been a real eye opener. Jack McConnell
Clear information delivered brilliantly by a guy who clearly knows his stuff. Dan Gerhardi
Fun and not trying to re-invent the wheel. Straight to the points that matter. We should be doing these training days once a month! Michael Forde
Market leading session! By far the most helpful training I have ever been on. Brad Wiid
Very informative! Great value for a one day session. Even though I’m not a salesperson, I found it very useful. Agnese Volkova
Today’s session was interesting and provided me, someone new to selling, with a crash course in selling. Providing me with the skills I need. Looking forward to the next session! Liam O’Brien
Eye-opening. Beneficial on a work and personal level. Delivered the training session very well and I came away having learnt something new. Charlotte White
An inspiring session with practical advice and the ability to change your mind-set and perspective. One of the best training sessions I’ve been on. Anne Leahy
Very personalised and well-prepared session. Well presented, engaging and useful. A great day! Parita Doshi
Really enjoyable, the time just flew by. I really picked up a lot of information to use in my daily job. Nicola Dimmer
Thoroughly enjoyable, the right balance of theory and practice. A very useful session that will definitely be a benefit to me moving forward. Marie Brandon-Doherty
Excellent, informative and fun. I really like training with Sales Talent. Gemma Staley
Thank you very much for a great day of learning! I’d certainly recommend to a friend, I really enjoyed the session. Christopher Moulton
I really enjoyed today’s sessions and focusing more on simplifying content rather than delivery. Not like other training sessions. Vidhi Sharma
Very structured and informative session! It highlighted techniques I haven’t brushed up on in a while. All round good sales training. Emmanuel Alade
Exactly what I wanted; decent, thought provoking questions. Each chunk of the session was the right length of time, therefore keeping my attention all day. Will Graham
Excellent training session that has given me purpose and focus. The session was very informative, detailed and explained with pin point accuracy. Knowledge gaps filled! Ryan Clark
A great session. Productive, thought-provoking and varied enough to keep people interested. Sam Syvret
Brilliant, the session kept me focused all day. I have a meeting tomorrow and will use all the new skills I’ve learnt from today. Leah Nicholls
Excellent! I would highly recommend the training course to anyone. I can’t wait for the next session. Roy Markham
Brilliant. Very easy to follow as the format is great. A great trainer, he kept us all focused and feeling positive! Tara Mendoza
Great session! Excellent format, simple and memorable Sam Turney
A training programme that will benefit you whatever role or industry you are in! Aydin Khoshsokhan