This is the first review I've ever written. I had the pleasure to work with Sales Talent on a sales position in the financial sector at an amazing company. Without a doubt, the most professional recruiter I came across whilst looking for a job; I received great assessment and preparation. On a more personal note, they went as far as calling me to wish good luck before each stage which encouraged me to do my best and eventually secure a job I genuinely look forward to. Massive thanks! Maksim Tichonov
Working with Sales Talent has been a pleasure from start to finish. Changing industries can be a daunting prospect but they always made sure I had all the knowledge I needed for the roles that I was being put forward for. They were able to think outside the box on my behalf and found me an opportunity that I could never have found myself. Thanks to the attention they pay to the requirements of both parties and the ethos' of the companies they work with, it seems my new job could be the perfect fit. Lars Brown
The most helpful and professional recruiters I have ever worked with, Sales Talent put me forward for jobs that helped me to progress my career in ways I thought weren't possible. I would recommend them to anyone looking to further their sales career. Pierce Prater
Sales Talent are a one of kind recruitment agency. The entire team’s passion for sales is crystal clear and Danielle took the time to get to know me, my background and my ambitions before introducing me to opportunities that were a 'good fit' for both me and prospective employers. Unlike other recruiters who take a 'scatter gun' approach to recruiting, Sales Talent truly care about the work they do. Professional, warm and seriously determined, I can’t recommend Danielle and the Sales Talent team enough. Kevin Topham
I don't normally leave reviews, but I have to make an exception for Sales Talent.I highly recommend Danielle. She has excellent attention to detail and really went above and beyond to satisfy my working needs and requirements. She worked with me to find my strengths, link that alongside my experience and interests and help me secure my dream job. Now, I'm with an amazing company that I can see myself building a great career with.If you're looking for work, and only want to use a recruiter who has exceptional contacts, experience, expertise and persistence, these are your guys.Massive thanks again to Danielle Raymont and Paul Owen. Alicia Perry
When I approached Sales Talent, I was looking to change industry and had no idea what field I wanted to go in to. Both Paul Owen and Danielle Raymont were incredibly helpful, giving great advice and information on various different industries where my skills may be transferable. Where other recruiters focussed on convincing me to stay in my current industry, Paul and Danielle were extremely patient and took me seriously from day one. After shortlisting, it became clear which roles and industries were best suited for me and within a couple of days I had three interviews lined up. The communication, transparency and support throughout my search with Sales Talent has been second to none. I am delighted to say that I have landed the job that I want with a clear career path and a great package to match all thanks to Paul and Danielle. I would recommend Sales Talent to any candidate or employer looking for a smooth, straightforward experience with a meticulous approach. Thank you! Billy Goode
Wanting to change industries was daunting to begin with but Danielle helped me from start to finish, providing invaluable insight and encouragement. Danielle was knowledgeable, professional and efficient throughout. I would recommend Sales Talent to anybody looking for their next sales role Jack Davison
It was a delight to receive a call from Danielle. At the time, I was confused and lacked direction as to which area and type of sales I wanted to get involved with. Noticing how keen for sales I was, Danielle invited me for a meeting the next day. I was put in touch with all the right people and even had a telephone interview with a company there and then. It didn't stop at just putting me in front of the right people, both Danielle and Paul coached me extensively and ensured I was fully prepared for every step. I would recommend the Sales Talent team to anyone.  Jack Waller
Sales Talent is the only recruiter I would ever use. I was fully informed of all the relevant roles for me and interviews were set up immediately. The support from start to finish was exceptional plus the clients and roles are the best I’ve come across. Many thanks for all your help, Paul! Amish Bodhania
It's been an absolute pleasure working with Danielle and Sales Talent. I was made redundant from my previous role and Danielle made the process of securing a new role a fantastic and stress free experience. I was given a wide selection of companies to interview with and was able to make an informed decision that has resulted in me securing the exact role I wanted with a great company. Things really moved fast and I’m really grateful for her work. Thanks again! George Spearey
Sales Talent are the best recruitment company I have ever come across. The team are passionate about sales, refreshingly honest and care about the work they do. Danielle’s knowledge of recruiting into commercial property and Paul’s experience of training in it meant I only ever had conversations with companies that shared my mindset and ambitions.  Dave Shaw
I highly recommend Sales Talent to anyone looking for an exciting sales role with a great company. Danielle and Michael were brilliant.  I had interviews lined up within a day of meeting with them. They were very helpful and professional throughout the process leading up to the offers. Thank you Sales Talent! James Barker
I've been working within D&B for several years and Danielle/Sales Talent are, without a doubt, miles ahead of any other recruiter in the market. Danielle's passion, professionalism and understanding of the world she recruits into are second to none. The gold standard for sales recruitment, I can't thank you guys enough! Dan Fitzgerald
I have known Sales Talent for a few years since going through their sales training at a previous job. When I returned from 8 months travelling the world, I refused to go with a recruiter, believing I was the best person to search for what I wanted. After applying for countless jobs and turning down 5 roles over a few months, I gave in and emailed Paul with the title reading "Mission Impossible". As charming and encouraging as ever, Paul asked me in for a catch up where we went through my list. We agreed my criteria no longer fit with the companies they had on their books but Paul said he'd keep me in mind. 2 weeks later, I received a call with news of a company that fit my ethos, along with 3 of my 5 main criteria. Fast forward and I'm living in Madrid. I work from home, I use my languages, I work autonomously, I have huge support from my colleagues, I travel the country, and I enjoy a glass of Rioja at the end of the day. Sales Talent has made my dreams come true.   Gwen Thompson-Marchesi
I can't recommend Danielle Raymont at Sales Talent enough for the amazing and personal service I received. If you work in sales or work with a sales team, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team! Aaron Dodds
My entire experience with Sales Talent can be summarised as professional and friendly. Danielle Raymont was knowledgeable, approachable and put me at ease all the way through the process. The recruitment process was very quick, and I would definitely recommend Sales Talent to anyone who is seeking a great job in sales. Harry Fraser
Working alongside Danielle at Sales Talent was so easy. After meeting, I was promptly put forward for a few roles that Danielle thought I’d be well suited to. Within a couple of days I had interviews with two firms, one of which I have now been working with for nearly a month. I’m very pleased with the service I got from Danielle and the Sales Talent team. I would highly recommend them to anybody looking for respectable recruiters to get them in to the role they’re looking for. I’m happy at my new job, but wouldn’t have even been aware that the opportunity existed without these guys.  Tom Moreton
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I was completely prepared and confident for each interview. For this I have no words. It just shows the level of professionalism of the team I worked with. I recommend you to all my friends and any conversations I overhear of people looking to find a job they love. Thank you Sales Talent. Jonty Girgan
I have just accepted a fantastic new role thanks to Sales Talent. Louis had obviously listened to the employer's brief and wrote a wonderfully human job description that especially appealed to me. It was so different from the usual corporate garb! This meant that when I was interviewed I felt perfectly matched with the employer. I understood what they wanted, I felt comfortable and was able to be myself. Lisa Strong
Louis from Sales Talent was great from the start, helping with my job search, tips and preparation for my interviews and fantastic assistance right up to my start date. Many thanks for all your help and keep up the good work!  Amish Bodhania
Very different from other recruiters, they only put you forward for jobs that suit you. I had one within a month of meeting them. Their jobs have good salaries, good commission and great potential for career progression. After being sceptical at the start, now I could not recommend Sales Talent enough. James Leyden
I turned down one interview because I didn't think it would be right for me but Sales Talent insisted I reconsidered. They were absolutely right - the company ethos, products and growth plans were perfect for me. I am grateful they went that step further, otherwise I wouldn't have got the job. James Richardson
By far the best employment agency I have come across. Within 2 weeks, I had a very good job and I’m very happy. I highly recommend Sales Talent for excellent support in finding that perfect job. They get the results! Melissa Morgan
Sales Talent impressed me with their impeccable communication levels and their professional yet friendly service that far exceeds all other recruitment agencies I have dealt with. I highly recommend them! Kurda Mostafa
Sales Talent helped me settle into a fantastic role that’s perfect for me, with an incredible opportunity behind it. Very professional, very friendly and a cracking service all round. Harry Alexander
Sales Talent gave me the outstretched hand I so badly needed to steer me in the right direction. A refreshingly personal approach in stark contrast to the many other faceless recruitment sites. Thank you! Lydia Hammond
Sales Talent successfully secured an excellent offer for me, swiftly and professionally. I would highly recommend their service for candidates who want to work with professional recruiters with industry knowledge. David Barrington
Their approach to training and placing professional sales people is second to none and they went the extra mile to get me the position I wanted. Obviously respected by the companies they represent, any candidate will have a huge advantage if recommended for a position by them. Very impressed and would recommend them to anyone. Matt Vannucci
Thanks again for all your support during the interview process, Philippe. Your advice and sincere feedback helped me secure this position. You are a fine ambassador for your company. I would definitely recommend your service. Gislene Robertson
I think I wouldn't have got the job without your individual training and your helpful feedback. Thank you for supporting me in getting the best job of my life!I would definitely recommend your service to anyone! Aleks Blaginina
I will be recommending Sales Talent to my friends and colleagues looking for that next role. I found Philippe to be very professional, efficient and supportive, giving good advice throughout the process, a real pleasure to deal with. Many thanks Lucy Chang
After meeting them in person I felt confident that I suited the role they were putting me forward for and I had all the information required. Also they were easily contactable throughout for advice and feedback. I can't thank them enough and will be recommending the service to everyone I can.
  Danny Bennett
Having spoken with several recruiters, I found none that understood my background until I met Paul at Sales Talent. After an in-depth discussion, he found me an off-market position. Their take on the recruitment business is refreshing  and one I would highly recommend. John Treacy
Without Sales Talent I wouldn't be where I am today! They instantly recognised my potential and their professional support and guidance cleared the path to my dream job! I'll never look back! Thanks!! Ross Milkins
Very professional and efficient service. I really felt special and not just another person or number. Help along the way is always a comfort in entering a new chapter in your working life. Thank you! Alyce Peatling
A complete revelation from other recruitment companies, Sales Talent were outstanding in their efforts to find me the right position. With an approach to recruitment that is second to none, they have been a breath of fresh air and an absolute pleasure to work with. Mike Forde
Sales Talent supported me from day one. I always felt motivated by them to shine through the interviews and received feedback almost immediately after each interview. It is a great organisation committed to helping graduates get into roles suited to their background and skills. Anisha Dhillon
Sales Talent are extremely professional, clearly know their stuff and have been supportive, encouraging and positive throughout the whole process. Working with them is like having your own personal coach who you can bounce your ideas off and get constructive thoughts in return. Patricia Ellis
No other recruiters come to close to the personalised service offered by Sales Talent. Tom Wakefield
Sales Talent put me through a thorough and interesting vetting process that no other agency would do. This resulted in a great job with lots of career prospects. I would highly recommend them. Michael Willox
Sales Talent are unique. As well as their smooth processes, I experienced a true sense of care for my career path. They made everything easy and were honest and transparent throughout. Paul and his team clearly have a deep respect for sales skills and selling professionals. Your career is safe in their hands. Nigel Stewart
Paul and his team at Sales Talent are a fantastic agency. They work with candidates and ensure everyone is ready for the interviews. If it wasn't for Paul's vision, I and my new company would have never naturally crossed paths. I can honestly recommend them to any candidate looking for a change in career!! Diego Vazquez
Sales Talent are an incredibly efficient and professional company. Throughout the process they were supportive, positive and ensured it was as stress free as possible. I would thoroughly recommend these guys to anyone! Kieran Leadbetter
The service delivered by Sales Talent has been perfect. Within 3 weeks of my first phone call I now have a job. They gave constant support and updates throughout the whole process and if I'm looking for a new role in the future, I will go straight to them for help. I have already recommended them to friends. James Chambers
I’ve worked with many recruitment agencies in the past year and not one of them has been as encouraging, bespoke and unique as Sales Talent! Thank you. Tham Ahmed
If you are a sales professional looking for that next career move then look no further than Sales Talent. They provide a world-class service with the personal touch of a boutique agency. I would recommend any sales pro looking for a new challenge to make Sales Talent their first port of call. Cesar Crespo
I am very happy with the service offered from everyone at Sales Talent. They found me a position that is a perfect match to my skill set and before I've even left university! Alex Avery
If you are looking for a company that is going to make the effort to get to know you and fully understand your employment requirements then there is only one place to go, Sales Talent. Andre Wiese
The process with Sales Talent was simply textbook! One meeting with them, one opportunity suggested, two meetings with the client and an offer accepted. It felt as though I was working with a recruiter I had known for a long time, mainly because they understood me enough to put me forward for the right role with the first attempt. I would recommend anyone I know looking for a sales position to Sales Talent, no question. Adrian Felix
The service offered by Sales Talent was very professional and fast moving. Opportunities that I would not have thought about were brought to my attention. Thanks to them, I felt prepared and confident for interview. A very knowledgeable team who are friendly and extremely helpful. Liam O’Brien
Sales Talent are by far the best recruitment agency I have worked with. Paul and the team are extremely knowledgeable and with their personal approach, they really made an effort to understand the role I was looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any sales person looking to take the next step in their career. Tom O’Shea