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Paul is, in my opinion, the best sales trainer in our marketplace.

Group Business Development Director

Design & Build Specialist

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Our results speak for themselves.

Here is a selection of testimonials and case studies revealing how we’ve transformed companies of all types.

Alan Murrell, CEO Kwickscreen

“We knew what we wanted to see and hear from our sales team but, without a background in sales ourselves, we lacked the experience and the insider expertise to affect the changes.

Your work with us in the summer of 2020 professionalised our sales team and gave us a great platform for the next stage of our growth.”

Maz Ahmad, Capita PLC

The greatest compliment I can pay is that training with Paul is like getting a sports car serviced. Although the changes made are minimal, the small tweaks make a profound difference.

Amy Allen, Wise May

Paul is by far the best sales trainer I have ever come across! After 17 years in recruitment (with lots of sales training along the way) the days I spent with Paul stick out in my mind and the techniques he taught me I still apply today! He is engaging, real and extremely good at what he does. I couldn't recommend Paul more to anyone that is looking for a good and effective sales trainer!

Stephanie Cowles, DeVono Cresa

Their sales training programme was very engaging for the whole team and the techniques will help us add more value to how we all sell. Very happy and excited to implement the changes.

Group Business Development Director, Design & Build Specialist

“Over the course of the 6-day programme, I’m delighted with the results as every single member of the team is better than when we started the training.

It’s a tricky balance to establish enough connection to open a room of salespeople up to ideas and yet retain the respect and credibility to enable them to change behaviours.

Paul does that and he is, in my opinion, the best sales trainer in our marketplace. 

Dave Davies, Firebrand Training

Paul is one of the most engaging sales coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with and my team have loved the time with him. My team are well drilled, highly skilled and exceptional sales professionals but Paul has always taken on the challenge of improving them with relish, finding exceptionally innovative ways of connecting with the team and engaging them in his programs. There is always a very tangible performance improvement outcome following his time with us. If you can find an opportunity to have Paul work with your sales team, do it, the results will be inspiring, I promise you

Marcus Vassiliou, Qlearsite

Paul is a peerless sales professional with a rare ability to pull apart difficult and problematic scenarios from the sales floor and work the answers out. His way of breaking sales down into a logical, natural process is what I've maintained as my guiding principle throughout my sales career.

William Goode, SHB Real Estate

I'm happy to recommend Sales Talent to any professional salesperson or sales leader. Having experienced two of their training programmes, I know how much their sales techniques, structures and psychology can help all of us to be the best we can be. In short, they combine expertise in our world with outstanding sales knowledge to provide services that are helpful, practical and inspiring.

SB, Founder

I wanted a better sales team ... At the end of Paul's time with us, I’m only needed one day a month; my teams are the best we’ve had with repeatable, scalable processes and sales structures that allow them to be consistently successful and give us the templates to train new starters.

It was the best investment we made in the past year!

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