Gwen Thompson-Marchesi - 25th April 2017

I have known Sales Talent for a few years since going through their sales training at a previous job. When I returned from 8 months travelling the world, I refused to go with a recruiter, believing I was the best person to search for what I wanted. After applying for countless jobs and turning down 5 roles over a few months, I gave in and emailed Paul with the title reading “Mission Impossible”. As charming and encouraging as ever, Paul asked me in for a catch up where we went through my list. We agreed my criteria no longer fit with the companies they had on their books but Paul said he’d keep me in mind. 2 weeks later, I received a call with news of a company that fit my ethos, along with 3 of my 5 main criteria. Fast forward and I’m living in Madrid. I work from home, I use my languages, I work autonomously, I have huge support from my colleagues, I travel the country, and I enjoy a glass of Rioja at the end of the day. Sales Talent has made my dreams come true.