Billy Goode - 5th February 2018

When I approached Sales Talent, I was looking to change industry and had no idea what field I wanted to go in to. Both Paul Owen and Danielle Raymont were incredibly helpful, giving great advice and information on various different industries where my skills may be transferable. Where other recruiters focussed on convincing me to stay in my current industry, Paul and Danielle were extremely patient and took me seriously from day one. After shortlisting, it became clear which roles and industries were best suited for me and within a couple of days I had three interviews lined up. The communication, transparency and support throughout my search with Sales Talent has been second to none. I am delighted to say that I have landed the job that I want with a clear career path and a great package to match all thanks to Paul and Danielle. I would recommend Sales Talent to any candidate or employer looking for a smooth, straightforward experience with a meticulous approach. Thank you!