Whatever you do, don’t do this in an interview!

By Jack Milligan, Junior Marketing Executive

Interviews are never a fun process. They are full of potential pitfalls and ways to mess up – not to mention the nerves. Here at Sales Talent, we conduct interviews every day and also get feedback on how our candidates perform when meeting our clients. We have seen people say and do a real variety of things in interviews that really don’t help their chances.

First impressions are massively important in an interview, if you start badly then that can put a sour taste in the interviewer’s mouth. The most common way to start badly is by being late. Whatever you do – do not turn up late to an interview! It’s a good idea to arrive 10-15 minutes early, you then have a little time to breathe, relax and tune in before you start the interview. Don’t assume public transport will run as planned or the roads to be free of traffic jams. When talking to the interviewer, even if you are shy, do not avoid eye contact. Always look them in the eyes and speak clearly, it can be incredibly off putting if you’re struggling to hear and understand what someone is saying.

During an interview there are many topics that should probably be avoided, one topic that in my experience comes up quite frequently but shouldn’t is your personal life. An interviewer is interested in you and what you can do to make them want to hire you. Unless something about your personal life directly links to what makes you a fantastic employee then I wouldn’t recommend talking about it.

One very common mistake that people make in interviews is becoming too casual with the interviewer. People get into an interview and start to relax, this can lead to them becoming a bit more informal and ‘matey’ with the interviewer. As nice as an interviewer may be and as much as you may get along with them, this is still an interview! It should always be approached in a very professional way. I would not recommend swearing in an interview, ever, or calling the interviewer ‘mate’.