I wanted a better sales team who would need less of my time and turned to Paul Owen of Sales Talent for help. At the end of his time with us, I’m only needed one day a month; my teams are the best we’ve had with repeatable, scalable processes and sales structures that allow them to be consistently successful and give us the templates to train new starters. It was the best investment we made in the past year! SB, Business Owner (Client)

We help companies sell their products and services more successfully and consistently. Our Sales Talent Transformation Programme can help you to faster growth, higher profits and greater value.

Having sold for 20 years, trained sales teams for 12 years and recruited salespeople for 8 years, I came to the realisation that the most valuable result I offer clients is improved sales performance. With the right strategy, processes, people and skills, your sales performance will be transformed yet, for many company owners or leaders, sales skills are not one of their strengths. This leaves the sales function undeveloped, reducing growth, cutting profits and minimising value.

After 10 years of running the company as a specialist in sales training and recruitment, we developed a new service after a call received in early 2020: “Please fix our sales team”. The help given involved analysis of the target market, assessment of the sales team (including some goodbyes and a few new starters), improvement of sales processes, particularly around the management of the sales pipeline and, finally, work with the sales team to improve their skills in selling more successfully more often whilst keeping a smile on their faces; everyone sells better when they’re happy.

Our sales consultancy model – The Sales Talent Transformation Programme – was born. It’s dynamic, packed full of value and helps companies grow faster, giving them higher profits and building greater value in the company

If you have a great product or service but your company’s growth is being held back through sales or if you’ve hit the stage when you’re ready to turbo-charge your growth right now, let’s talk. I’d love to introduce you to our Sales Talent Transformation Programme.

Paul Owen, Founder and Director

Whether recruiting sales professionals or improving sales performance,these guys are inspiring and always deliver. Jeremy Casey, JMC Global (Client)