Consistency is King

Consistency via an archery target

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we’ve been granted access to vast amounts of information and data on anything and everything. Despite there being more readily available information on health, fitness and nutrition than ever before, studies by the NHS show that obesity in the UK has risen from 14.9% in 1993 to 27.7% in 2018. While a lot of available information on health and fitness is valuable, much of what we see on social media is focused on quick wins that promise significant results with little effort. While these programmes may be achievable, they foster a culture of instant gratification and neglect the importance of structure, consistency and commitment over time. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t become a world-famous bodybuilder because he went to the gym for a few weeks, he committed to a structured plan and executed the basics every day, for years.

A clear parallel can be drawn with sales. Many embark on sales careers as a vehicle to get rich quick, thinking they’ll be the next high-achiever on the block and earning over £100,000 within a year. While a sales career can, undoubtedly, be life changing and lucrative, expectations of success are high from the off. Many with solid potential turn away from a career in sales because it’s hard work and those sky-high expectations aren’t met. It’s not necessarily their fault, but often that expectations weren’t managed. Those who do well long-term tend to be those who focus on mastering the basics and putting them into practice, again and again, day after day.

Whatever the environment, the idea of quick results with minimal effort is a dangerous one. Whether hunting for a new job in the current climate or working off the quarantine cake, stick to the basics, execute them well today, tomorrow and the next day. Good things will come.