Recruitment and Training and SatNavs - 20th April 2016

A guest blog today from one of our favourite training companies, Natural Training ( There are times when someone makes a point better than us!

Why Recruitment without Training is Like Driving in a Foreign Country without a SatNav

Foreign travel is fun, exciting and a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons.  And so is landing a new job, especially if it is your dream job, one that you have coveted for years. Yet, driving through unfamiliar territory without a satnav or map is asking for woe and misfortune. You will end up somewhere, but it may not be where you intended.  Plus, your journey will be full of wrong turns that are nothing more than a huge waste of time.  The exact same thing can be said about recruitment without training. You may find it a lot more difficult to secure that plum sales job if you have neglected to boost your skills and knowledge through training, no matter how much sales experience you have under your belt.

Of course, there are exceptions to this, but by and large, the more trained and skilled you are the easier it is to be recruited. You don’t want to be just another member of the pack. The job market is fiercely competitive and you must stand head and shoulders apart from your competition. Undoubtedly, an impressive track record in sales will help, but so too will training.

Sales training says a lot of great things about you to recruitment officers. For starters, training demonstrates an inner drive.  You are prepared to coax a better performance from your endeavours.  No matter how good a salesperson you are, everyone needs training at some point.  For example, to sharpen up sales skills, improve sales techniques and to harness the maximum potential from natural talents and abilities. Ignoring training suggests complacency, a very unattractive trait that could be your undoing when looking for a new position. Sales training also suggests that you are the complete package, someone who is ready to upgrade their skills not only for personal development, but in order to do what is necessary to help a company win more sales accounts.

Avoid Driving on the Road to Nowhere

But even before your gleaming CV lands on the recruitment officer’s desk, sales training gives you the skills, confidence and competence to get the job you want, rather than just any old sales position.  It is far better to be firmly in control of your career and the direction it is heading in than drifting aimlessly from pillar to post. Getting back to the analogy that makes up the title of this article, training courses can be the landmarks that lead the way to your ultimate destination. Perhaps, as you’re reading this, you don’t yet know what this ultimate destination looks like.  However, you may have a general idea of what you want it to be. Here again, training will enhance your recruitment potential, because to a certain degree, if you have structure and tools under your belt, it will be easier for you to secure a sales job in any industry selling any product or solution. In short, the world will be your oyster.

You Have Reached Your Destination

You wouldn’t really leave home to go on a foreign trip without a navigational aid, so don’t journey through your career without training. Be in the driving seat at all times to get to exactly where you want to be.