Stereotypes – they’re never quite right - 15th June 2016

Everyone is guilty of stereotyping at some point in their life. We can always find examples where our stereotyping seems justified but we’re seeing what we want to see rather than checking the evidence. Correlation does not equal causation.

Every company will have had a bad experience with an employee at some point and it often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Said bad employee will have had certain characteristics – they worked at a certain company before, they went to a certain university and studied X degree etc. Now anyone else that shares these characteristics may now be automatically seen as bad and this can negatively affect them in an interview process. “I’m not employing them he worked at ABC Ltd just like Jeff. Jeff was terrible, so they’re going to be terrible too”.

Preconceptions like this are very common and often stop companies from giving really good talent a chance. That’s a massive shame for both sides.

Don’t stereotype, give everyone a chance and you may well be pleasantly surprised.