SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER – Our Amazon #1 Best Seller - 7th November 2017

SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER: The surprising link between sales ability and your career success was written by our MD, Paul Owen. The book was launched at Waterstone’s Piccadilly in September. Since then, lots has happened.

  1. It became an Amazon #1 Best Seller within a month of its launch in 2 different categories (and #2 Best Seller in another category).
  2. The feedback from early readers has been great.
  3. The book has been listed on Amazon as a “Hot New Release” in at least 3 categories.
  4. It has been entered into Business Book of the Year Awards, launched at The Army & Navy Club on Pall Mall.
  5. Interviews about the book are being booked for radio and magazines in the coming weeks.
  6. Paul was interviewed for a podcast (available online now) on the book.

About the book


This book will show you how learning to sell will improve your career prospects.

Too many people never consider learning how to sell. This is a scandal, as is the fact that sales skills are not taught in our education system, nor even when we start work. SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER aims to solve this problem and improve your career whatever job you do now or wish to do in the future. Written by an expert in sales skills who has trained thousands of people to be better at selling, this book reveals:

  • 3 popular myths about sales that turn people away from learning it
  • 4 steps to successful sales conversations that focus on listening, not talking
  • 5 key attributes of all successful communicators
  • 10 reasons why you should make sales a core skill for career success
  • 15 exceptional business leaders who applied this secret skill to achieve success

About the author

At the age of thirty-two, Paul was £26,000 in debt and earning £8,000 a year in a data admin job which gave him no life skills, no career opportunity and no self-esteem. Nine credit card statements arrived on his doorstep each month. He was living for free in a friend’s small back bedroom. He had never thought his life would turn out this way. On 5 December 2000, he got a new job. It was a sales job, the kind of role he’d dismissed for years as something for people less able than him. It changed his life. He loved it. Four years later, he earned his first annual bonus, taking his total earnings that year to more than £100,000.

Since that life-changing discovery of sales at the age of thirty-two, Paul has spent fifteen years developing market-leading services alongside successful sales teams. In 2011, he founded Sales Talent, a company specialising in the recruitment and training of salespeople. In 2012, as part of his mission to re-sell sales as a career and raise its profile as a key business skill, he launched the nationwide skills programme – Let’s get Britain selling!© – to introduce thousands more people to the world of sales. It has been delivered at over forty universities across the UK.

Where to buy

SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER is available to buy on Amazon.

  • Kindle version £3.99
  • Paperback £12.99

Click here to be directed to page on Amazon.