SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER – Book’s launch date - 5th September 2017

We’ve been posting excerpts and teasers from our MD Paul Owen’s forthcoming book with only ‘coming soon’ as a timeframe. We are now delighted to announce that the book will be launched on Thursday 21st September at an iconic bookshop event in London and should be available to buy on Friday 22nd September. Why read it?

Chris Brindley, former MD of Metro Bank (Western Europe’s fastest growing bank), wrote the foreword to the book and said this: “Whatever job you do, whatever life you lead, you will have a higher chance of success if you master this skill. Buy this book – it could change your life.”

Nick Porter, Chairman of the Association of Professional Sales, read the book’s first draft and said this: “This is a life-changing book that uncovers the skills needed to be successful in our work and personal lives – read it and share it.”

If you’d like to pre-register to secure your copy from the first print run, please send your name and contact details to us direct on and we’ll add you to the list.

On its launch, we’d like to announce its release to 250,000 people on the same day. If you’re happy to help us hit that number and turn the book into a bestseller, please contact Paul direct on He’ll be delighted to hear from you.