Is sales the most meritocratic job? - 6th March 2018

A job in sales can be harsh, let’s not blind ourselves to that. The world of business in its entirety can be harsh. However, sales has to be one of the fairest of professions. Truly. If you and I work for the same company doing the same sales job with the same resources and you do it much better than me, then you get paid more than me. Quite right too.

In our lives, particularly our working lives, we hate ‘people earning the same or more money while not being as good as us’. As human beings, we have an innate aversion to a lack of fairness. It kills motivation and, to a large extent, happiness.

Those working in sales teams will never enjoy being bottom of the sales league table, but it is difficult for them to complain about a lack of fairness. Sales figures over a consistent period rarely lie. If you sell more than me most months, most years, then you are more successful than I am and will be paid significantly more. My failure would bother me, but it would be within my reach to change that.

The best people get the best rewards and that’s meritocratic. Not many other professions offer such fairness.