ANNOUNCING: New Sales Book Format - 4th April 2019

A new format audio book is about to be launched, aimed at helping everyone to become better at sales and, for those new to sales, to introduce them to the real world of sales not the false one that British culture tends to promote. The new format is a combination of audio book and podcast, a mix that keeps the content much more engaging than a standard audio book.

The content is based on the book by Paul Owen: SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER – The surprising link between sales ability and your career success. It became an Amazon bestseller within a few weeks of its release at the end of 2017. As well as correcting the negative impression often associated with sales and addressing the shocking oversight that we don’t introduce sales to any of our young people whilst in education, it also gives a simple, compelling introduction to the basics of successful selling.

Paul, along with the rest of the Sales Talent team and some amazing guests, is now working on a new audio version of the book that is read but, importantly, includes a Q&A session between each chapter in which the points raised are discussed in more detail. Interesting, deeper insights that could not be included in the book will be covered, as well as additional stories and examples.

The content will be released chapter by chapter in a series of podcasts though the format is a hybrid of audio book and podcast. Maybe it needs its own name! After the reading of each chapter, listeners will be able to hear the Q&A sessions. The podcasts will be available on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and the Sales Talent website.

On each podcast, 2 guests will join Paul as a discussion between 3 people has more variety and input. There will be a combination of people and voices: young, old, experienced, inexperienced, male, female, sales specialists, sales newcomers, trainers, recruiters, directors, apprentices and all points in between.

More details will be released soon along with launch date. Any recommendations for guests who would be qualified to join the Q&A discussions and who would be willing to give their time should be sent to: