They have got sales recruitment absolutely right and I highly recommend them. Good quality candidates, well-matched, well-prepared. A joy to work with. Dips Kang, Nuffield Health (Client)

Finding and hiring – and keeping – motivated, enthusiastic and driven salespeople is one of the biggest challenges  in business.

We specialise in hunting out the most talented salespeople and ensure they are the right match for our clients’ wishes.  We also deliver training programmes. Our training is tailored, relevant and dynamic. We firmly believe in the principle of ‘learn then do’ and are adamant that training must be interactive. Often it’s the small changes that make big differences.

If you need to fill a gap in your sales function, or indeed, if you need to hire an entire sales team from scratch, we don’t just need to talk – we need to meet. We discuss your business, how it works and its culture. We meet and vet all of our candidates, and our insight into the traits of successful salespeople ensures that only the most appropriate, and well qualified, will be presented to you. There is nothing worse than interviewing a candidate who knows little about your business – is there?

Whether you need help with recruitment, or sales training, we would love to help you, so please call us.

Whether recruiting sales professionals or improving sales performance,these guys are inspiring and always deliver. Jeremy Casey, JMC Global (Client)