CASE STUDY: Healthcare


The Remarkable Rise of Kwickscreen

After 10 years’ trading, healthcare specialists Kwickscreen came into their own when Covid-19 struck. Their portable screens, developed to help hospitals minimise the spread of infection and provide a safe space for every patient, were ideal to help the healthcare sector across the world at their point of greatest need. Demand for Kwickscreens increased by 900% in just 2 months.

Hardly the most obvious trigger for bringing in our sales expertise but what Alan Murrell, CEO, and Michael Korn, Founder, realised was that the company was selling well in spite of their sales process rather than because of it. April 2020 was the ideal time to improve not just their production capacity but their sales operations too.


With a brilliant product, innovative management and a great support team, Kwickscreen had everything in place to grow the company and achieve their ultimate aim: the replacement of hospital curtains worldwide. The only missing part was a structured, reliable and easily scalable sales operation. It wasn’t necessarily the quality of the team that was the problem but the unclear approach to sales that did not reflect the focus in all other areas of the business.

By the time we started working with them, they had already done the first two steps we normally undertake: Strategy and Target Markets. Therefore, we started work immediately on understanding their current sales process and finding ways to improve it. In our 5 months of intensive work with them, a milestones achieved included:

  • 40% of team changed: underperformers moved on, better performers hired
  • Sales Training Programme delivered to all staff and recorded for future staff
  • Activity levels, conversion rates and management of sales pipeline improved
  • Weekly coaching programme created, giving 1-2-1 support to every salesperson
  • Improved reporting on sales activity, sales pipeline and performance of each salesperson
  • Sales Playbook – This is how we do sales – created for future staff development

Following the completion of our fully-immersed 5-month project, we continue to support the work of the new, larger Kwickscreen sales teams in both UK and US with regular sales training to supplement their in-house work. There is little doubt that the quality of their product, the dynamism of their management team and the innovation of their R&D specialists means that the growth of the last year is just a springboard to a very big, very bright future.

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL – What they said about our work

“Thanks Paul. The support you gave our sales team has played a significant part in our success this year.” Michael Korn, Founder

“We knew what we wanted to see and hear from our sales team but, without a background in sales ourselves, we lacked the experience and the insider expertise to affect the changes. Your work with us in the summer of 2020 professionalised our sales team and gave us a great platform for the next stage of our growth.” Alan Murrell, CEO