If Carlsberg did first days in a new job…

You are a star

If Carlsberg did first days in a new job…

If your starting point for on-boarding new salespeople is ‘what do they need to know by the end of the first day/week/month?’, you’re probably getting the on-boarding process wrong. At least, I bet you could do it better. The starting point we recommend is this question: ‘How do we want them to feel at the end of the first day/week/month?’

Our answer to that is happy, valued and inspired. We want them to feel like a star. Everything is aimed at achieving those outcomes. There are few forces more powerful than happy, valued, inspired sales teams and they are always more successful than beaten, threatened, pressurised sales teams. And they stay with you for longer.

Here are 3 of our Top 10 Tips for getting it right at the very beginning.

  1. Top Dog calling

Don’t wait for their first day to welcome them. Call them a week in advance of their start date and don’t make that call one of process, information or admin. Get a Top Dog, a senior director, even the CEO or owner, to call to say “We’re looking forward to you joining us next week. Don’t worry about anything in advance. Join us at x time and we’ll make sure you have a fantastic first day.”

  1. VIP Treatment

We’ve all been to those parties or events where we’re made to feel a bit of a spare part. Usually, within a minute or two, we’re feeling uncomfortable. Many people’s first day at work is a bit like that. Now, remember those parties where the host greets you at the door themselves. They get your first drink. They not only introduce you to other people but sing your praises as they do so. Those new friends are impressed, they’re interested, you’re the centre of their attention. Wow, that feels good and I bet you’ll have a great party. Make your salesperson’s first day like that. They are the most important person in the building on that day and everything you do supports that and illustrates that. And if you can’t say great things about them on introduction, why have you hired them?!

  1. Party bags

Send them home with something. I know if you’re a certain age with kids, you can’t believe the ‘Party Bag’ concept at the end of kids’ parties and recall that you went home with a bit of gooey cake in a paper napkin if you were lucky. But, on someone’s first day, give them a gift, a thanks for joining us, a welcome present. It doesn’t need to be much: a good bottle of wine (with a signed note from owner?); or dinner at a local restaurant at the end of their first week (at which you could probably get a great deal if you do it often, reducing the outlay without reducing the treat!); or maybe tickets to a concert or a play. Why? What a brilliant feeling at the end of your first working day. I guarantee that they will tell family, friends and anyone else that would listen about their gift just for going to work. You’ve just made an early arrival on day two full of energy and enthusiasm much more likely.

With these 3 ideas alone, the answer to ‘How was your first day at work?’, will be ‘Brilliant. Remarkable. Loved it.’ You’re a significant step towards a happy, valued and inspired member of your sales team. That will pay you back many, many times over.