Social Media profiles – do they really matter? - 22nd March 2016

March 21st marked the 10th birthday of Twitter. It’s later that year, September 2006, that Facebook became available to everyone over the age of 13. It was only 10 years ago that social media was beginning and in that short period of time, it has completely changed the way we interact with each other.

Social media is integrated in to so many parts of our lives, whether that’s our personal lives through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. or in our professional lives through the likes of LinkedIn or business pages on Twitter and Facebook.

Unless your social media profiles are set to private (which most aren’t) then everything on there is viewable to the entire world. That means employers are able to find out more about you before they’ve even employed you and this can have negative effects on your chances of landing a job, especially if there is content on there that doesn’t show you in the best light.

When job hunting it is so important to ensure that either your profile is private or there is nothing on there that you would regret business contacts, including potential employers, seeing.

Social media doesn’t have to have a negative impact on your job hunt though. LinkedIn can be a really useful tool to help sell yourself. It can be used as an online CV where people can find YOU for a job. Just make sure that your profile is well written and detailed.

Social media is such a powerful tool available to everyone and can really make a difference to your job hunt, just make sure that’s a positive difference not a negative one!