From North to South – My First Week at SalesTalent - 16th November 2016

By Lewis Butcher, Trainee Recruitment Consultant

London… A concrete jungle of twists and turns swallowing people if they are misguided or don’t keep their wits about them! A lot like the industry of recruitment, where I began working this week at SalesTalent in Victoria. Leaving the world of hospitality in a boutique hotel in North Norfolk to start a new career in recruitment here in the city was extremely frightening – as you may have experienced when you have begun a new adventure! But here at SalesTalent, I was made to feel so welcome from the moment I entered the door as a candidate until the moment Paul Owen, the managing director (see on Linkedin) offered me the job as Trainee Recruitment Consultant. As a candidate, SalesTalent continually supported me in times when I began to feel as though I wasn’t good enough for the world of sales. But one thing Paul told me changed my mentality and I think I will remember this question for the rest of my life… “What is the purpose of doing this?” If we remember this simple question in everything we do in our personal and working lives it will give us motivation and help further our careers. Life won’t just be about working for money but suddenly you’ll be working for something you believe in. This is just one of the many lessons Paul has taught me during our short time together at SalesTalent! I can see myself enjoying my time here as I can feel myself growing every day and I feel that I can help Paul, Louis and Danielle achieve their goal of changing the negative perception that people hold against sales people.