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About Us

Sales Talent is a UK sales transformation specialist, founded in 2011 by Paul Owen.

For the last decade, Sales Talent’s services have helped clients sell more successfully to enable faster growth, higher profits and greater company value.

Sales Training
As Founder, Paul Owen creates and delivers Sales Training Programmes, in person and online.

Sales Consultancy
Paul also works with Sales Consultancy clients using The Sales Talent Transformation Programme© to accelerate their growth.

Sales Recruitment
In 20 years of sales, Paul has spent thousands of hours recruiting, training and coaching salespeople which gives him an intimate understanding of the right salesperson for each client.

Why our clients use us

“Sales is misunderstood, both in business and in life.
Yet, whatever job you do, whatever life you lead, you have a higher chance of success if you master the skill of sales.

Learning to sell well is a key business skill, a key life skill and a key ingredient in successful company growth. We should all learn to do it properly, professionally and ethically.

It can transform company success, shape careers and improve personal relationships too.”
About Paul Owen
Paul Owen

SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER Book: The Surprising Link Between Sales Ability And Your Career Success

In his quest to provide sales leadership, Paul has delivered sales seminars to 40+ universities to introduce more young people to the world of sales, both as a career and a life skill. His book was written to support the university programme.SECRET SKILL HIDDEN CAREER BOOK

Launched at Waterstones Piccadilly in 2017, it became an Amazon Bestseller and was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018.

Sales Talent Podcast: GROWTH. PROFIT. VALUE

In 2019, he launched a sales podcast series interviewing sales leaders and their insights from decades successfully growing their businesses through sales.

Available on most podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.