Sales Talent helped me find a job and now I'm a client who uses them to find us great salespeople. I'm happy to recommend them to any professional salesperson as a great place to start your search for a new job or your search for a new team. Having also experienced two of their training programmes, I know how much their sales techniques, structures and psychology can help all of us to be the best we can be. In short, they combine expertise in our world with outstanding sales knowledge to provide services that are helpful, practical and inspiring. William Goode, SHB Real Estate (Client)

We love sales and love salespeople – they make the (business) world go around! If you’re looking to grow your career in sales or you’re an employer wanting to grow or train your sales team, we can help.

Sales Talent works with many of London’s leading commercial property companies and salespeople, helping each to be successful in their sales activities. Some of our clients are listed below. Our services include Sales Strategy & Consultancy, Sales Recruitment and Sales Training along with several other (sales-related) areas of work.

With our recruitment service, our work is a little like running a dating agency – we match clients and jobs with the right candidates. It’s part science and part art, both helped by a thorough understanding of our marketplace and decades of sales insight. Whilst no recruitment service is perfect, our ability to match client, candidate and job is outstanding and saves enormous amounts of time for everyone involved. For those choosing the added benefits of our successful sales training programmes, we give each client and every candidate the best chance of success in their sales roles.

For companies to enjoy the full benefits of our experience and expertise, we recommend you ask about our Sales Strategy & Consultancy work. Not only does it benefit your revenue and profit figures, it also means that the recruitment and training is far more likely to be successful. 

If you are an employer in London’s commercial property market and you’re looking to grow or improve your team or if you’re a job hunter looking for your next step in commercial property, we hope you’ll be impressed by how we work. Get in touch now to find out more.

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Meet The Team

Paul Owen - Founder & Managing Director

Paul has spent 20 years developing market-leading services alongside successful sales teams. Highlights prior to Sales Talent included a property company he grew by 400% in 5 years and a trade body he set up from scratch to over 400 members in 3 years.

He founded Sales Talent in 2011 to offer his award-winning sales training to teams in the UK property market. After a year of saying ‘No’ to clients asking “Can you also help us find more good salespeople?” he decided to develop a specialist sales recruitment service to complement the training. He quickly realised that there were not enough good salespeople due to the negative perceptions of sales and a general ignorance about the true nature of professional selling.

In 2012, on a mission to educate people about sales and unearth new sales talent across the UK, he launched the nationwide skills programme – Let’s get Britain selling!© – to introduce thousands more people to the world of sales. It has been delivered at over 40 universities across the UK. He continues to spend time educating people about sales as a skill we all need and a career that many more people should consider.

In 2017, Paul published a book to support this message: SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER: The surprising link between sales ability and your career success. Launched at Waterstone's Piccadilly in September 2017, the book became an Amazon Bestseller and was shortlisted for Business Book of the Year 2018.

In 2019, he started to record and produce a sales podcast based on his bestselling book. SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER: The Truth About Sales is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts along with several other podcast providers.

Paul has spent hundreds of hours training people, particularly those working in property, and has built an intimate understanding of what makes successful salespeople. As a sales trainer, he has a proven track record of helping even the best get better. As well as making Paul one of the best sales trainers in the UK property market, this experience and insight informs the sales recruitment undertaken by Sales Talent. Most of his time and Sales Talent’s focus is now on London’s commercial property market.

To kick off in 2020, Paul is launching a new service for Sales Talent’s clients. It’s a Sales Strategy & Consultancy Service which explores every step of establishing, growing, fixing, re-tuning and supporting successful sales teams and management teams, from business plans to targets and onto all elements of staff performance (including recruitment and training of course!). For the right companies, a partnership agreement is agreed with a significant proportion of payment based on performance-enhancing results.

A regular and engaging speaker at events on all things sales, he has been a judge of several business and sales awards programmes.

Professional and efficient, the recruitment process provided by Sales Talent was very competent. All of the candidates were of a high calibre and I would highly recommend using Sales Talent. I look forward to working with them again. Yusuf Heptullabhai, Area (Client)