We love sales!

Passionate, positive, curious, knowledgeable and hard-working, salespeople are the lifeblood of all business. Whether recruiting,
job hunting or searching for training, welcome to our world.

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We are different

We’re in the people business and we make a point of meeting you. Clients before we recruit, candidates before we match; teams before we train.

We give you value for money, and value for your time. We even back up our service with guarantees of delivery.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to sales recruitment or training. We strive to find out what makes people tick and we tailor accordingly.

The recruitment, training and retention of salespeople cannot operate successfully in isolation. We help with every step of the process to make it work.

Sales Academy

New Audible Format for our MD’s book

We want to let you know about an upcoming release you may wish to make available to your sales teams or for you to access yourselves. It’s a new format audio book that could further help anyone with their sales skills. Our MD’s book, SECRET SKILL. HIDDEN CAREER – The surprising link between sales ability and your career  … Read more

Best way to get people thinking?

Have you ever listened to a presentation of some sort and realised at the end that you cannot remember a single bit of what was said? I know I have. The words were in a language you understood. How can you remember nothing? It’s because your brain wasn’t engaged in what was being said. You  … Read more

Amex, Harrods and the lesson of a dodgy signature

I moved to London at the age of twenty-two, and one of my first jobs was working at the department store, Harrods, in Knightsbridge. I worked in the Ski and Surf Department on the fourth floor. One fine day, a customer had managed to load his arms with thousands of pounds worth of skiwear and  … Read more

The Crippling Confidence Conundrum

If you’re not the person who’s the loudest in your group of friends, don’t confuse that with a lack of confidence. Confidence is not about being the storyteller or joker, or the person who makes fun of other people and oozes self-importance. In our world, sales, people often believe that only super-confident, outgoing people can  … Read more