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We specialise in sales transformation, helping companies sell their products and services more successfully and more consistently. If you’re ready to accelerate your company’s growth, we can make it happen.


CASE STUDY: Property

From Good to Great In the last 10 years, our client has grown from £22million annual revenue to more than £200million, making it one of London’s leading Design & Build specialists. With outstanding delivery, a great track record and a suite of happy clients, they have seized a large chunk of the market with plans  … Read more

CASE STUDY: Healthcare

The Remarkable Rise of Kwickscreen After 10 years’ trading, healthcare specialists Kwickscreen came into their own when Covid-19 struck. Their portable screens, developed to help hospitals minimise the spread of infection and provide a safe space for every patient, were ideal to help the healthcare sector across the world at their point of greatest need.  … Read more

How Training Often Works Unconsciously

Among several online programmes I’m delivering at the moment is a weekly session to international property specialists based across Europe (each 1-hour session is recorded for others around the world in different time zones). A piece of feedback at last week’s session reminded me of one of the most important elements of any training programme:  … Read more

Sales Transformers: Evolution or Revolution?

When looking to transform performance in any field, the temptation is rip everything up and start again. However, I’m not convinced there is much evidence to suggest that’s the best way to turn around business performance (though, clearly, that depends how bad performance is!). Whenever I’m asked to help a company improve their sales performance,  … Read more