We love sales!

Passionate, positive, curious, knowledgeable and hard-working, salespeople are the lifeblood of all business. Whether recruiting,
job hunting or searching for training, welcome to our world.

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We are different

We’re in the people business and we make a point of meeting you. Clients before we recruit, candidates before we match; teams before we train.

We give you value for money, and value for your time. We even back up our service with guarantees of delivery.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to sales recruitment or training. We strive to find out what makes people tick and we tailor accordingly.

The recruitment, training and retention of salespeople cannot operate successfully in isolation. We help with every step of the process to make it work.

Sales Academy

Selling to Bill Gates

You have a meeting at Microsoft. You jump into the lift and press 12. As the doors are about to close, a geeky looking guy hops in at the last minute. “Hi, I’m Bill Gates,” he says. Gulp. He presses button number 6 and turns round. “So, what do you do?” You have 30 seconds,  … Read more

Sales Lessons from Hollywood Legend

Once asked the secret of his acting success, John Wayne replied, ‘Talk low. Talk slow. Don’t say too much” I’d like to use his tips as the starting point for this blog article on Step 3 of successful sales conversations: yes, it’s time to talk about how we SELL. As you’ll recall, I believe there  … Read more

Make Everyone A Salesperson

Is there a more valuable ability in the race to be a successful business than the ability to sell? I think not. Selling solves everything. Financial problems. Logistical problems. Headaches. Ok, not everything but most. Providing, of course, that you’re selling properly, responsibly, offering a product or service that works and offers the value your  … Read more

3 Great Sales Questions

Questions are the key to all successful sales conversations. It’s very hard to sell to someone who has stopped thinking because you’ve spent ten minutes telling them how great your company is. In a recent blog, I highlighted the 3 areas on which successful salespeople focus their questions: people; business; and product or service. This  … Read more