We love sales!

Passionate, positive, curious, knowledgeable and hard-working, salespeople are the lifeblood of all business. Whether recruiting,
job hunting or searching for training, welcome to our world.

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We are different

We’re in the people business and we make a point of meeting you. Clients before we recruit, candidates before we match; teams before we train.

We give you value for money, and value for your time. We even back up our service with guarantees of delivery.

There is no one-size-fits-all method to sales recruitment or training. We strive to find out what makes people tick and we tailor accordingly.

The recruitment, training and retention of salespeople cannot operate successfully in isolation. We help with every step of the process to make it work.

Sales Academy

Do Looks Matter in Sales?

Are attractive people more likely to be successful in sales? We all know the politically correct answer is ‘No’ but what does the evidence show? I’ve thought about this point many times before and have even included modules on it within training sessions I’ve run over the years. It came back to the forefront of  … Read more

Sales CVs – Top 10 Tips

1. DETAIL SCHMEETAIL! You don’t need to list everything you’ve ever done, every module you’ve ever studied, every duty you had whilst doing temp work in an office / shop / warehouse. Employers and recruiters know what a shop assistant does and what an English degree is. They don’t need an explanatory list. 2. GIVE  … Read more

Why Caring Matters

A little while ago, I was buying some milk at Marks & Spencer’s on the way to work in central London. In store, I spotted what is thankfully a rare sight: a man with a plastic bag which he was filling with food and drinks from the store’s shelves. I immediately wondered why this man  … Read more

How Different Are We Really?

“May you live in interesting times” is a phrase often quoted as a Chinese proverb though, apparently, there’s no trace of it in Chinese. Whatever its source, it’s a wish that’s certainly being fulfilled in our world right now. At this time of big change, I’m reminded of a dinner conversation I regularly had at  … Read more