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Tough Times? Think Market Share

In recent weeks, I’ve been putting together training to help clients and their teams through these very different times; for some, it’s a hugely challenging time whilst, for others, it’s a time of opportunity – much of it depends on your market sector, of course. However, whichever sector we work in, all we can really  … Read more

The Cost of Job Offer Dawdling

The ‘golden hour’ is a term used in medicine that suggests every second of the first hour after a traumatic injury can mean the difference between life and death. In criminal investigations, the initial 48 hours are deemed critical to whether a case is solved or not. Action saves lives, solves investigations, and in the  … Read more

Consistency is King

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we’ve been granted access to vast amounts of information and data on anything and everything. Despite there being more readily available information on health, fitness and nutrition than ever before, studies by the NHS show that obesity in the UK has risen from 14.9% in 1993 to 27.7% in  … Read more

Experience or Aptitude? Ford’s Lesson

In late 2008 and only months away from running out of cash, Ford Motor Company faced a bleak future. The wider industry was in even worse shape and, while others took huge bailouts, Ford committed to saving itself. And save itself it did, catapulting from near bankruptcy to becoming the most profitable car maker in  … Read more